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Poster: FooneTuring Date: Aug 26, 2018 12:29pm
Forum: general Subject: "network error" on upload caused by bad file

I'm trying to archive some old software which is a collection of windows icons, and I have it in three forms inside the item:
1. raw disk images
2. files from the disk images
3. the extracted contents of the files (a bunch of .ICO files)

But on upload I'm getting an error saying "There is a network problem [Resume uploading] 400 Bad Data".
This is misleading, it's not actually a network problem. If I click details it shows why:

"image file has non-image contents: application/octet-stream, try one of these extensions: .obj .dll .so .exe .bin .o .a .deploy .msu .msp"

This is being caused by one of the icons being potentially corrupt or in the wrong format. I know that, but my only option is "Resume uploading" which doesn't help, as this isn't a network problem. It just retries and fails again. There's no abort option either, so I'd have to re-enter all the metadata and re-enqueue all the files, minus the one that broke, and there's no guarantee that this is the only file that Internet Archive will choke on. This seems like a bug.